Are you looking for a way to give back to the community?  Join more than 100 people who have given their time to assemble mixes with Motown Soup! 

Come by yourself, with a friend, or bring a group.  Do it for fun or earn some community service hours. 

Volunteering for a Production Shift at Motown Soup



·        If you have registered a group, please let us know if your count changes or you need to cancel. We rely on you bringing the number of volunteers you requested to meet our productivity levels each day.

·        Groups should only bring the number of volunteers registered.  We may not be able to satisfy requests for additional volunteers.  

·        Group Leader:  Please share these details with all members of your group:

    1.   All volunteers need to be at least 16 years old.

  2.   If you are sick (even with a mild cold, sore throat, sniffles, etc.), choose another day to volunteer.


·       Aprons, hair coverings, gloves (when touching ingredients) hairnets and beard nets (as applicable) must be worn by all volunteers. These items will be made available to you prior to the start of your volunteer shift. (Hats are currently considered acceptable head covering in lieu of hairnets.)

·        If you have longer hair, tie it back or put it all into the hair net. 


Parking & Entrance:

·        We are located in the lower level of Trinity Lutheran Church, 45160 Van Dyke, Utica.  Use the main entrance on the north side of the building.

·        Sign in upon entering the work area.

Check in and personal belongings:

·        Please arrive on time for your scheduled volunteer shift or a few minutes early if you need to use the restroom, etc. 

·        Note:  We do not have a private location for volunteers to store items such as food and beverages, purses, or other valuables. 

Food Safety:

·        If coffee/munchies are available, consume them in the snack area.  Do NOT take munchies or cups of coffee to your work area.  After snacks/coffee, change gloves.

·        Before using the restroom, remove your apron.  Wash hands and put NEW gloves on before returning to work.


Special pricing on days that you volunteer

·        We thank you for your help at Motown Soup. Any of our bags of soup/boxed sets can be purchased by you after your shift at a discount.   (Maximum of $100 of product per shift worked).  We accept charge cards, checks and cash.       

Motown Soup 2018 Work Schedule


In 2018 we have implemented a more efficient method forvolunteering:

1.   Reviewthe schedule below and send an email to: volunteer@motownsoup.comwith the following information:

a.   Indicateif this is your first-time volunteering with Motown Soup.

b.   Ifyou’ve volunteered before, please tell us approximately how many times you’veworked with us.

c.   Tellus what date you would like to work and if anyone will be coming with you.

2.   Ourscheduling coordinator will respond to your request by email within 72 hoursindicating if we have room available for you and/or your group.

3.   Ifyou are unable to email, you can call 586-731-4490 x3 and a volunteer will callyou back.


By pre-scheduling volunteerswe can be setup and be ready when you arrive.

Please note that Tuesday evening times are:  6:55 pm to 8:45 pm.




Motown Soup is doing a special soup assembly from 9:00 am-12:30 pm.

Email:  volunteer@motownsoup.com if you’re able to work this day!


Tuesday evenings only:

11/6; 11/13; 11/20; 11/27


Saturday mornings (9:30-12:00 noon)



Tuesday evenings only:

12/11; 12/18


Saturday mornings (9:30-12:00 noon)









Tuesday evenings only:

1/8; 1/15; 1/22; 1/29


Saturday mornings (9:30-12:00 noon)



Tuesday evenings only:

2/5; 2/12; 2/19; 2/26


Saturday mornings (9:30-12:00 noon)



Tuesday evenings only:

3/5; 3/12; 3/19; 3/26


Saturday mornings (9:30-12:00 noon)



Tuesday evenings only:

4/9; 4/16; 4/23; 4/30


Saturday mornings (9:30-12:00 noon)



Tuesday evenings only:

5/7; 5/14; 5/21; 5/28


Saturday mornings (9:30-12:00 noon)



Tuesday evenings only:

6/4; 6/11; 6/18


Saturday mornings (9:30-12:00 noon)



Tuesday evenings only:

7/2; 7/9; 7/16; 7/23; 7/30


Saturday mornings (9:30-12:00 noon)


 We appreciate your time to further the