Corporate Gifts

Corporate Boxes/Special Order Boxes or Baskets 

Motown Soup is offering it's customers an opportunity to give a specially made gift to your clients or employees.  Your company's logo, business name, location, mission statement, or any other information you may want about your company can be printed on a label that you would design and our printer can setup and print for you.   A Motown Soup volunteer will work with you to create a gift that fits your budget and gift giving needs.  You can deliver yourself or gift us a list and we'll package and ship for you.  All customer lists are kept secure and remain confidential.   Call us for a one on one phone call and/or face-to-face meeting and we can discuss your budget and talk about your choices and come up with the perfect corporate gift to represent your company!

Click on the "Gift Boxes" tab to see a sampling of our current stock gift box selections.  

 -  Call Bonnie @ 586-994-9012 to discuss your options now.